Li Bai: An Lu, Bai Zhao Mountains, Peach Blossom Cliffs, Send to Imperial Inspector Mr. Liu

An Lu, Bai Zhao Mountains, Peach Blossom Cliffs, Send to Imperial Inspector Mr. Liu

安 陆 白 兆 山 桃 花 岩 寄 刘 侍 御 绾
云 卧 三 十 年
好 闲 复 爱 仙。
蓬 壶 虽 冥 绝
鸾 鹤 心 悠 然。
归 来 桃 花 岩
得 憩 云 窗 眠。
对 岭 人 共 语
饮 潭 猿 相 连。
时 升 翠 微 上
邈 若 罗 浮 颠。
两 岑 抱 东 壑
一 嶂 横 西 天。
树 杂 日 易 隐
崖 倾 月 难 圆。
芳 草 换 野 色
飞 萝 摇 春 烟。
入 远 构 石 室
选 幽 开 山 田。
独 此 林 下 意
香 无 区 中 缘。
永 辞 霜 台 客
千 载 方 来 旋。


An Lu Bai Zhao Shan Tao Hua Yan Ji Liu Shi Yu Wan

Yun wo san shi nian
Hao xian fu ai xian.
Peng hu sui ming jue
Luan he xin you ran.

Gui lai tao hua yan
Dei qi yun chuang mian.
Dui ling ren gong yu
Yin tan yuan xiang lian.

Shi sheng cui wei shang
Miao ruo luo fu dian.
Liang cen bao dong he
Yi zhang heng xi tian.

Shu za ri yi yin
Ya qing yue nan yuan.
Fang cao huan ye se
Fei luo yao chun yan.

Ru yuan gou shi shi
Xuan you kai shan tian.
Du ci lin xia yi
Xiang wu qu zhong yuan.
Yong ci shuang tai ke
Qian zai fang lai xuan.


An Lu, Bai Zhao Mountains, Peach Blossom Cliffs, Send to Imperial Inspector  Mr. Liu

Want to lie down with the clouds for thirty years
Ease into idleness, repeatedly cherish the immortals.
Although Penglai pots hidden in darkness
Like the luan and cranes, I wish to be easy and carefree.

Go back to the Peach Blossom cliffs
Need to rest, sleep under cloud windows.
Together talk with people in the mountain ranges
Join monkeys drinking at deep pools.

Sometimes climb above the green peaks
Faraway like the Luofu mountain summit.
Two tall hills embrace eastern valleys and pools
One screen-like mountain peak on the western horizon.

Various trees easily hide the sun
Difficult to see the round moon around slanted crags.
Uncultivated fragrant grasses change colors
Fluttering vines sway in the spring mists.

Of distant caves, like rock built rooms
Choose instead the serene and open fields and mountains.
Wish this forest to be my secluded spot
A faraway region, not yet destiny to find a place away from human troubles.
For all time do not want to meet frosty imperial visitors
Some spend one thousand years before returning to a place like this.



Bai Zhao mountains:  Located about ten miles west of Anlu, Hubei Province. Famous for many sites, relics and works of Li Bai.

Penglai: Legendary island in the ocean that is the home to many Chinese immortals. Similar to Mt. Olympus in Greece.

Luan: Legendary bird like a phoenix.

Peach Blossoms cliffs: Refers to an area on the west side of Mt. Tai.

Luofu mountain summit:  Located near Huizhou, northwest Guangdong Province. Daoist pilgrimage site of many temples dating back to the Jin Dynasty.

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