Bai Juyi: Naturally Happy to Chant For the Coming of New Years

Naturally Happy to Chant For the Coming of New Years

喜 入 新 年 自 咏
白 须 如 雪 五 朝 臣
又 入 新 正 第 七 句。
老 过 占 他 蓝 尾 酒
病 余 收 得 到 头 身。
销 磨 岁 月 成 高 位
比 类 时 流 是 幸 人。
大 历 年 中 骑 竹 马
几 人 得 见 会 昌 春?
Xi Ru Xin Nian Zi Yong

Bai xu ru xue wu chao chen
You ru xin zheng di qi ju.
Lao guo zhan ta lan wei jiu
Bing yu shou de dao tou shen.

Xiao mo sui yue cheng gao wei
Bi lei shi liu shi xing ren.
Da li nian zhong qi zhu ma
Ji ren dei jian hui chang chun?


Naturally Happy to Chant for the Coming of New Years

My white beard like snow, as five emperors come and go
After New Years I am now seventy years old.
Outdated and passed by, at the end of banquets I get the remaining and best wine
Recovered from the traces of illness, my body and head still attached.

Lost many months and years, yet I remained longer than my old friends
Compared to our early palace years, I have been very fortunate.
All previous years in childhood happy riding astride a bamboo horse
How many of these early people can still meet a prosperous spring?

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