Du Mu: Give to Idle Scholar Yuan in Xuanzhou

Give to Idle Scholar Yuan in Xuanzhou

赠 宣 州 元 处 士
陵 阳 北 郭 隐
身 世 两 忘 者。
蓬 蒿 三 亩 居
宽 于 一 天 下。
樽 酒 对 不 酌
默 与 玄 相 话。
人 生 自 不 足
爱 叹 遭 逢 寡。
Zeng Xuan Zhou Yuan Chu Shi

Ling yang bei guo yin
Shen shi liang wang zhe.
Peng hao san mu ju
Kuan yu yi tian xia.

Zun jiu dui bu zhuo
Mo yu xuan xiang hua.
Ren shen zi bu zu
Ai tan zao feng gua.


Give to Idle Scholar Yuan in Xuanzhou

Northern outer wall conceals Bei Guo in Ling Yang
These people neglect both work and one’s life experiences.
Live on a small three mu plot with clumps of wormwood
Feels well off with this tiny piece of land.

When around a wine vessel we do not feel compelled to talk
Without discussion we examine your writings about Tai Xuan.
Human experiences naturally not adequate
Love to praise encounters with the rare and scarce.



Three mu: One half of an acre (one mu is 1/6 of an acre).

Tai Xuan:  Essays upon the nature and workings of the Yin-Yang principles.

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