Liu Changqing Poem: Farewell to Yan Shiyuan – 刘长卿《送严士元》












[1] 倚棹(zhào):停船。棹,划船工具,常用以代指船。

[2] 阖闾(hé lǘ)城:苏州城,相传是春秋时吴王阖闾所建。

[3] 水国:水乡。

[4] 青袍:青色的官服,唐代品级最低的官着青色。

[5] 儒生:诗人自称。

Farewell to Yan Shiyuan

Liu Changqing

In vernal breeze outside town walls we stop our oar;

The cloudy weather turns fine on chilly river shore.

Our gowns are wet with drizzling rain although unseen;

The flowers fall at leisure unheard by ears keen.

Your lonely sail sets off at sunset on the stream;

The grass will green for miles the southern shore in dream.

If you meet with some friends who inquire after me,

Tell them the blue-gowned petty official’s carefree.

The poet describes the scenes and discloses his mind to his friend.


The poem “Farewell to Yan Shiyuan” is a poem by Liu Changqing, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem consists of four lines, the first two of which are about Ling Che’s desire to return to the Bamboo Forest Temple, and the second two lines are about the poet’s seeing Ling Che off to his home, expressing the poet’s sadness and reluctance to part with his friend, and expressing his deep affection for Ling Che. The poem is purely about writing scenery, like a picture, expressing emotions through scenery, with exquisite conception, refined language, simple and beautiful, and leisurely mood, and it is a poem of farewell with deep feelings and a wonderfully composed landscape painting.

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