Han Yu: Drunken Stay With Dongye

Drunken Stay With Dongye

醉 留 东 野
昔 年 因 读 李 白 杜 甫 诗
长 恨 二 人 不 相 从。
吾 与 东 野 生 并 世
如 何 复 蹑 二 子 踪?
东 野 不 得 官
白 首 夸 龙 钟。
韩 子 稍 奸 黠
自 惭 青 蒿 倚 长 松。
低 头 拜 东 野
愿 得 终 始 如 駏 蛩。
东 野 不 回 头
有 如 寸 莛 撞 巨 钟。
吾 愿 身 为 云
东 野 变 为 龙。
四 方 上 下 逐 东 野
虽 有 离 别 何 由 逢。
Zui Liu Dong Ye

Xi nian yin du li bai du fu shi
Chang hen er ren bu xiang cong.
Wu yu dong ye sheng bing shi
Ru he fu nie er zi zong?

Dong ye bu dei guan
Bai shou kua long zhong.
Han zi shao jian xia
Zi can qing hao yi chang song.

Di tou bai dong ye
Yuan de zhong shi ru ju qiong.
Dong ye bu hui tou
You ru cun ting zhuang ju zhong.

Wu yuan shen wei yun
Dong ye bian wei long.
Si fang shang xia zhu dong ye
Sui you li bie he you feng.


Drunken Stay With Dongye

In our past years we read the poems of Li Bai and Du Fu
Long times of remorse, two people do not see enough of each other.
Dongye and I together had a life serving our society
How can we be like them, to follow in their footprints?

Dongye without a government position, yet somewhat decrepit and white haired
Whereas I am a bit crafty and sly.
I naturally flourished because of nearby pine trees
Lower my head to honor you, like the fleas and crickets I had to rely on the bigger animals.

But I did not want to stay with you
Compared to you I am like short grasses trying to strike a large bell
I wish I was a cloud, to follow and watch you prowl like a dragon.
From all four directions I could follow you
Although we depart now, see no reason for us to meet again.



Li Bai and Du Fu: Two of the most famous ancient Chinese poets. They were friends during the high Tang Dynasty. See this website for information about their life and times, as well as translated poems.

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