Han Yu: Very Filthy and Narrow-Minded

Very Filthy and Narrow-Minded

龊 龊
龊 龊 当 世 士
所 忧 在 饥 寒。
但 见 贱 者 悲
不 闻 贵 者 叹。
大 贤 事 业 异
远 抱 非 俗 观。
报 国 心 皎 洁
念 时 涕 汍 澜。
妖 姬 坐 左 右
柔 指 发 哀 弹。
酒 肴 虽 日 陈
感 激 宁 为 欢。
秋 阴 欺 白 日
泥 潦 不 少 干。
河 堤 决 东 郡
老 弱 随 惊 湍。
天 意 固 有 属
谁 能 诘 其 端。
愿 辱 太 守 荐
得 充 谏 诤 官。
排 云 叫 阊 阖
披 腹 呈 琅 玕。
致 君 岂 无 术
自 进 诚 独 难。
Chuo Chuo

Chuo chuo dang shi shi
Suo you zai ji han.
Dan jian jian zhe bei
Bu wen gui zhe tan.

Da xian shi ye yi
Yuan bao fei su guan.
Bao guo xin jiao jie
Nian shi ti yun lan.

Yao ji zuo zuo you
Rou zhi fa ai tan.
Jiu yao sui ri chen
Gan ji ning wei huan.

Qiu yin qi bai ri
Ni liao bu shao gan.
He di jue dong jun
Lao ruo sui jing tuan.

Tian yi gu you shu
Shei neng jie qi duan.
Yuan ru tai shou jian
De chong jian zheng guan.

Pai yun jiao chang he
Pi fu cheng lang gan.
Zhi jun qi wu shu
Zi jin cheng du nan.


Very Filthy and Narrow-Minded

The embarrassed and rough like me have the life of shunned scholars
In a place of sorrow, hunger and cold.
Still melancholy and among the despicable
Some of the nobility should not be praised for their activities.

The able and virtuous people should take up different undertakings
They should not cherish the ordinary and popular.
I want to apply what is evident and clear to the nation’s psyche
Tears flow when thinking of the floods and waves that will engulf us.

From left to right the seductive female party singer
Their soft and gentle fingers produce melodies of grief and compassion.
Everyday wine and meat dishes on display
Appreciate the food, but these parties do not bring happiness.

Autumn daytimes with deceptive shadows
Heavy rainfall make a lot of mud and few dry places.
Eastern prefecture’s riverbank levees have been breached
Torrential water flows, young and old swim to save themselves.

The Will of Heaven is sending up a firm message
Who can ask them what are the causes.
Hope Mr. Zhang can petition the court and recommend me
Give me a chance to confer with the right government officials.

I need to wait in line within the clouds at the heavenly palace gate
Could manifest and unfold my true and inner heart to them.
My arts and skills could be used by a great emperor to do great things
Naturally cannot make the difficult advances by myself.

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