Li Bai: Army Brigade Commander Wang

Army Brigade Commander Wang

王 右 军
右 军 本 清 真
潇 洒 在 风 尘。
山 阴 遇 羽 客
要 此 好 鵝 宾。
扫 素 写 道 经
笔 精 妙 人 神。
书 罢 笼 鵝 去
何 曾 别 主 人?


Wang You Jun

You jun ben qing zhen
Xiao sa zai feng chen.
Shan yin yu yu ke
Yao ci hao e bin.

Sao su xie dao jing
Bi jing miao ren shen.
Shu ba long e qu
He ceng bie zhu ren?


Army Brigade Commander Wang

Army brigade commander originally simple and unadorned
Natural and elegant in the dust twisters of worldly affairs.
The Yin mountains receive reclusive Daoist visitors
A place where guests can find good geese.

He spreads out white silk to write some Daoist scriptures
Wang’s exquisite and creative brush expresses the mind and spirit of the bright and wondrous mystery.
He stops writing, a goose comes out of its cage
Who did not have time to properly take leave of the host?



Yin mountains: Mountain range of about 600 miles in length, located on the border of Inner Mongolia Province and Hebei Province.

The bright and wondrous mystery:  The Chinese word is miao (妙).  It is a key word and concept in Chapter One of the Dao De Jing.

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