Li Bai Poem: A Faithful Wife Longing for Her Husband in Spring – 李白《春思》










[1] 燕:指今河北北部,当年是戍边之地。

[2] 秦:今陕西一带,系征夫们的家乡。

[3] 罗帏:丝织的帘帐。

A Faithful Wife Longing for Her Husband in Spring

Li Bai

Northern grass looks like green silk thread;

Western mulberries bend their head.

When you think of your home on your part,

Already broken is my heart.

Vernal wind, intruder unseen,

O how dare you part my bed screen!

The wife is so faithful to her husband that she would not allow the vernal wind to part her bed screen.


“A Faithful Wife Longing for Her Husband in Spring” is a newly-titled music poem composed by the great poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty. The poem is about the wife of a soldier on a military expedition who is dreaming of her husband on a bright spring day and hoping for an early victory in the war, expressing the suffering of a woman thinking of the border and her steadfastness in love. The poem is simple and unpretentious, with a blend of scenes and an elegant and mellow smell of God’s bones, rich in folk song characteristics.

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