Ouyang Xiu: Lightly Painted Pair of Eyebrows

Lightly Painted Pair of Eyebrows: (Southern Hometown Village)

  浅 浅 画 双 眉:  南 乡 子
浅 浅 画 双 眉。
取 次 梳 妆 也 便 宜。
酒 着 胭 脂 红 扑 面
须 知。更 有 何 人 得 似 伊。
宝 帐 烛 残 时。
好 个 温 柔 模 样 儿。
月 里 仙 郎 清 似 玉
相 期。些 子 精 神 更 分 谁。
Qian Qian Hua Shuang Mei: (Nan Xiang Zi)

Qian qian hua shuang mei
Qu ci shu zhuang ye bian yi.
Jiu zhao yan zhi hong pu mian
Xu zhi. Geng you he ren de si yi.

Bao zhang zhu can shi.
Hao ge wen rou mo yang er.
Yue li xian lang qing si yu
Xiang qi. Xie zi jing shen geng fen shei.


Lightly Painted Pair of Eyebrows: (Southern Hometown Village)

Lightly painted pair of eyebrows
Hair style and make-up also informal and appropriate.
Red powder patted on her cheeks highlighted more after drinking wine
Everyone knows. What people can compare to the likes of her.

Lowered bed curtains with candles burned down to short stubs.
How wonderful this time of warmth and gentleness modeled after the youth.
Moonlight inside, clear and pure like the jade of immortals
They waited for each other.
This experience and consciousness cannot be experienced but by only a small minority.

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