Qin Guan Poem: Song of Good Event · In Dream – 秦观《好事近·梦中作》




Song of Good Event
· In Dream

Qin Guan
The spring rain hastens roadside flowers to grow;
They undulate and fill mountains with spring.
Deep, deep along the stream I go,
And hear hundreds of orioles sing.
Flying cloud in my face turns to dragon or snake,
And swiftly melts in azure sky.
Lying drunk ‘neath old vines, I can’t make
Out if it’s north or south by and by.

This poem describes a dream in which the poet fancies clouds to be dragons or snakes.


The song “Song of Good Event · In Dream” is a lyric composed by Qin Guan, a lyricist of the Northern Song Dynasty. This lyric vividly depicts the author’s dream trip. The upper part of the lyric begins with a description of his dreamy soul, wandering along a mountain road. The next piece is about the lyricist’s drunkenness. He looks up at the blue sky in his dream and sees the “flying clouds” moving like dragons and snakes flying and changing, so he can’t help but be mesmerized that he forgets about it and enters a fairyland where he doesn’t know north from south and forgets everything. The lyrics are written in a light and strong way, with a soaring mood. The rain and flowers, the spring mountains and ancient vines can all be included in the painting, with a new and subtle idea and a strange and alert language, unlike any other handwriting.

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