Yuan Zhen Poem: Thinking of My Dear Departed (Ⅳ) – 元稹《离思五首(其四)》









[1] 沧海:大海。

[2] 取次:任意;随便。

Thinking of My Dear Departed (Ⅳ)

Yuan Zhen

No water’s wide enough when you have crossed the sea;

No cloud is beautiful but that which crowns the peak.

I pass by flowers which fail to attract poor me

Hail for your sake and half for Taoism I seek.

The poet no longer loves nature as before after the death of his dear wife but tries to seek consolation from Taoism.


Five Songs of Separation is a set of poems written by Yuan Zhen, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, to mourn the death of his wife. The poet employs the simile technique of “to set up emotions with things”, and uses a precise and alert phrase to praise the love between husband and wife, and express the poet’s undying love and bitter longing for his late wife Wei Cong.

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