Wang Zhihuan Poem: On the Stork Tower – 王之涣《登鹳雀楼》







On the Stork Tower

Wang Zhihuan

The sun along the mountain bows;

The Yellow River seawards flows.

You will enjoy a grander sight

By climbing to a greater height.


The poem “On the Stork Tower” is a poem written by Wang Zhilan (a poet of the Tang Dynasty, Zhu Bin). The first two lines of the poem are about the natural scenery, but the opening strokes of the poem have the potential of shrinking ten thousand miles in a handful of feet; the second two lines are written in a surprising way, dissolving the philosophy with the scenery and the situation seamlessly. The poet’s mind, shaken by nature, realized the simple but profound philosophy, which can urge people to abandon the superficial knowledge of stagnation, to ascend to a higher level and expand their eyes, and to continuously develop a new realm of better and better. According to the poetry critics of the Qing Dynasty, “Wang’s poem is only twenty words long, but the first cross has already finished its main meaning, and the second cross has the potential of a thousand miles in size.” Although the poem is short in length, it paints the majestic momentum and magnificent scenery of the northern rivers and mountains with thousands of rafters, which has been inspiring the Chinese nation for thousands of years with its majestic momentum and profound mood. The last two lines, in particular, are often quoted to express the positive exploration and infinitely enterprising attitude of human beings. To this day, this poem still appears from time to time in major political and diplomatic occasions of the Chinese state.

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