Wei Yingwu: To Honor Zheng Hucao, Who Wrote “A Song of Mountain Memories”

To Honor Zheng Hucao, Who Wrote ” A Song of Mountain Memories”

酬 郑 户 曹 骊 山 感 怀
苍 山 何 郁 盘
飞 阁 凌 上 清。
先 帝 昔 好 道
下 元 朝 百 灵。
白 云 已 萧 条
麋 鹿 但 纵 横。
泉 水 今 尚 暖
旧 林 亦 青 青。
我 念 绮 襦 岁
扈 从 当 太 平。
小 臣 职 前 驱
驰 道 出 灞 亭。
翻 翻 日 月 旗
殷 殷 鼙 鼓 声。
万 马 自 腾 骧
八 骏 案 辔 行。
日 出 烟 峤 绿
氛 氲 丽 层 甍。
登 临 起 遐 想
沐 浴 欢 圣 情。
朝 燕 咏 无 事
时 丰 贺 国 桢。
日 和 弦 管 音
下 使 万 室 听。
海 内 凑 朝 贡
贤 愚 共 欢 荣。
合 沓 车 马 喧
西 闻 长 安 城。
事 往 世 如 寄
感 深 迹 所 经。
申 章 报 兰 藻
一 望 双 涕 零。
Chou Zheng Hu Cao Li Shan Gan Huai

Cang shan he yu pan
Fei ge ling shang qing.
Xian di xi hao dao
Xia yuan zhao bai ling.

Bai yun yi xiao tiao
Mi lu dan zong heng.
Quan shui jin shang nuan
Jiu lin yi qing qing.

Wo nian qi ru sui
Hu cong dang tai ping.
Xiao chen zhi qian qu
Chi dao chu ba ting.

Fan fan ri yue qi
Yin yin gu gu sheng.
Wan ma zi teng xiang
Ba jun an pei xing.

Ri chu yan jiao lu
Fen yun li ceng meng.
Deng lin qi xia xiang
Mu yu huan sheng qing.

Zhao yan yong wu shi
Shi feng he guo zhen.
Ri he xian guan yin
Xia shi wan shi ting.

Hai nei cou zhao gong
Xian yu gong huan rong.
He ta che ma xuan
Xi wen chang an cheng.

Shi wang shi ru ji
Gan shen ji suo jing.
Shen zhang bao lan zao
Yi wang shuang ti ling.


To Honor Zheng Hucao, Who Wrote “A Song of Mountain Memories”

Bluish-green mountains and rivers dense and twisted
Hovering pavilion towers quietly overhead.
Ancestral emperors liked the Dao
Pray to the one hundred deities on October fifteenth.

The white clouds of Xuanzong’s spirit already desolate and bleak
Beautiful gardens have deer roaming freely about.
Spring waters still flow warm
First growth forests also very green.

Thinking of the days of damask and short jackets
All people enjoyed this tranquil era.
As a petty government official my duty was a to be in the imperial vanguard
Our horses the first on the road to reach Bating.

Sun and moon pennants wave in the wind
Drum and horn sounds lead the way.
Ten thousand horses soar and prance
Team of eight excellent horses have to be reined in tightly.

Sun comes out, mists around the green mountains and footpaths
Atmosphere of overlapping layers, differing densities around Mt. Li Ceng.
Climb and visit here, daydreams arise
Each separate bath house happy with sacred feelings.

From dawn, banquet tables, chanting without worries or troubles
Times of abundance, whole country celebrates auspicious conditions.
Everyday harmonious, blends of strings and woodwind tones
Later ten thousand houses listen to this music.

From across the oceans they come to pay their tributes for peace
The able and virtuous, along with the fools, happy and prosperous.
From the west of Chang’an
Crowded and noisy highway with horses and carriages.

Previous troubles of society like sent mail
With deep emotions I write about this place.
I reply with many stanzas of my best literary efforts
One gaze into the distance, pair of tears fall down.



Xuanzong:  (685-762) Famous Tang Dynasty emperor (r. 713-756).

Mt. Li Ceng:  Part of the Qinling mountain range northwest from the ancient capital city of Chang’an.

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