An Impromptu Poem Composed at Late Autumn by Lu Hsun~ 鲁迅 《辛亥残秋偶作》 with English Translations


鲁迅 《辛亥残秋偶作》





An Impromptu Poem Composed at Late Autumn
Lu Hsun

Shocked to learn the chill of autumn has swept the land,
How can I reveal the warmth of spring through my pen?
Mingled feelings have sunk into the vast sea of men,
All officials took flight in the sighing autumn wind.
To this bleak lake of our land a grey beard I return,
I shudder with cold to fall from the clouds in my dream.
Trying hard to listen for the cock-crows, but in vain,
I get up only to find the Dipper near the horizon!

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