China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival 中国金鹰电视艺术节

The China TV Golden Eagle Prize (中国电视金鹰奖 Zhōngguó diànshì Jīnyīng jiǎng) is the only national comprehensive award for TV art voted by the masses. Originally known as China TV Golden Eagle Prize awarding ceremony (颁奖典礼 bānjiǎng diǎnlǐ), the China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival is the first national festival focusing on the appraisal and exchange of national TV art programs, with appraisal and awarding of China TV Golden Eagle Prize as its main activity. The first China TV Golden Eagle Prize awarding ceremony was held in Kunming of Yunnan Province in 1983. Since the 18th awarding ceremony held in 2000, it was renamed China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival (中国金鹰电视艺术节 Zhonguo Jinying Dianshi Yishujie).

Held in the fourth quarter of the year annually in Changsha of Hunan Province, the festival is co-sponsored by China Association of Literary and Art Circles, the People’s Government of Hunan Province, China TV Artist Association, the Bureau of Broadcasting and TV of Hunan Province, and organized by Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co., Ltd.

China TV Golden Eagle Prize comprises 99 awards in five categories, namely TV series (电视连续剧 diànshì liánxùjù), TV literary and art program (电视综艺节目 diànshì zōngyì jiēmù), TV documentary (电视纪录片 diànshì jìlùpiàn), TV cartoon (电视卡通 diànshì kǎtōng) and TV advertisement (电视广告 diànshì guǎnggào), each of which consists of several excellent program awards and individual awards. The judging panel of experts is voted by the audiences, while the candidate programs, songs and performers are recommended by TV artists’ associations of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities together with branch associations of China TV Artist Association. After making a preliminary appraisal of the recommended programs and performers, the judging panel then submits the list of winners to the higher authorities for approval before the announcement at the awarding ceremony. Participant programs should be shown on TV stations of city level or above in the Chinese mainland within the appraisal year .

Moreover, the festival also conducts activities such as program exchanges between domestic TV stations and overseas TV organizations, and showings of world excellent TV programs. It has gained great achievements and social impact through celebration activities, celebrities of cultural circle, and careful planning of the media and famous enterprises. With the theme of cooperation, innovation, communication and share, the art festival strives to make itself a TV gala for viewers while promoting the prosperity of TV art, leading the fashion, serving people’s life, exhibiting achievements and exploring future objectives.

The China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival provides an exchange platform for those who work in the trade of TV art from all over the country and a window for them to communicate with the viewers. It also attracts a wide range of participants as well as the attention of overseas medium with its worldwide reputation.

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