Du Fu: Alone Walking Along Riverbanks Looking For Flowers, Seven-Character Four-Line Poems

Walk Alone Along Riverbanks Looking For Flowers,
Seven-Character Four-Line Poems

江 畔 独 步 寻 花 七 绝 句
黄 四 娘 家 花 满 蹊
千 朵 万 朵 压 枝 低。
留 连 戏 蝶 时 时 舞
自 在 娇 莺 恰 恰 啼。
Jiang Pan Du Bu Xun Hua Qi Jue Ju

Huang si niang jia hua man xi
Qian duo wan duo ya zhi di.
Liu lian xi die shi shi wu
Zi zai jiao ying qia qia ti.


黄 师 塔 前 江 水 东
春 光 懒 闲 倚 微 风。
桃 花 一 簇 开 无 主


Huang shi ta qian jiang shui dong.
Chun guang lan xian yi wei feng
Tao hua yi cu kai wu zhu
Ke ai shen hong ai qian hong.


不 是 爱 花 即 欲 死
只 恐 花 尽 老 相 催。
繁 枝 容 易 纷 纷 落
嫩 蕊 尚 量 细 细 开。


Bu shi ai hua ji yu si
Zhi kong hua jin lao xiang cui
Fan zhi rong yi fen fen luo
Nen rui shang liang xi xi kai.


Walk Alone Along the Riverbanks Looking for Flowers,
Seven-Character Four-Line Poems


Married woman Huang Si on flower-filled footpaths
Thousands of layered and crushed branches near the ground.
Butterflies play and dance again and again
Orioles naturally and delicately sing.


East flowing river, Buddhist monk remains in his pagoda
Light spring breezes and scenery makes one lazy and sleepy.
One cluster of peach blossoms open without any visitors
Can love both the dark and light red colors.


Do not love the aspect of flowers having to die
Afraid both of us aging quickly like this one single flower.
Many branches filled, too easily numerous and confused
From my viewpoint, your immature stamens should open slowly
and carefully.



Huang Si:  (259-210 BC): The first emperor of a untied China, and of the Qin Dynasty. (r. 247-220 BC).

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