Du Fu: Approaching Guest

Approaching Guest

宾 至
幽 棲 地 僻 经 过 少
老 病 人 扶 再 拜 难。
岂 有 文 章 惊 海 内?
漫 劳 车 马 驻 江 于!
竟 日 淹 留 佳 客 坐
百 年 粗 粝 腐 儒 餐。
不 嫌 野 外 无 供 给
乘 兴 还 来 看 药 栏。
Bin Zhi

You qi di pi jing guo shao
Lao bing ren fu zai bai nan.
Qi you wen zhang jing hai nei?
Man lao che ma zhu jiang yu!

Jing ri yan liu jia ke zuo
Bai nian cu li fu ru can.
Bu xian ye wai wu gong ji
Cheng xing huan lai kan yao lan!


Approaching Guest

Hiding in a secluded place, few people pass by
Old and ill, need an assistant to get around.
I am without fame and culture, are you still afraid of me?
Close by to working carts and horses, stopped near the river by now!

By the end of the day, best visitors remain seated
All my life have eaten coarse and brown grains, the way of Confucian scholars.
If you can embrace this open country with its furnishings and provisions
Come back again and take advantage of my herb and medicine arbor.

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