Du Fu: Enjoying Autumn: Eight Poems: Poem No. 1

Enjoying Autumn: Eight Poems: Poem No.1

秋 兴:八 首
玉 露 凋 伤 枫 树 林
巫 山 巫 峡 气 萧 森。
江 间 波 涛 兼 天 涌
塞 上 风 云 接 地 阴。
丛 菊 两 开 他 日 泪
孤 舟 一 系 故 园 心。
寒 衣 处 处 催 刀 尺
白 帝 城 高 急 暮 砧。


Qiu Xing: Ba Shou



Yu lu diao shang feng shu lin
Wu shan wu xia qi xiao sen
Jiang jian bo tao jian tian yong
Sai shang feng yun jie di yin.

Cong ju liang kai ta ri lei
Gu zhou yi ji gu yuan xin.
Han yi chu chu cui dao chi
Bai di cheng gao ji mu zhen.


Enjoying Autumn: Eight Poems: Poem #1

Jade-like dew withers in a sweet gum tree forest
Mt. Wu, Wu Gorge air desolate and in decline.
Rivers separate in large waves, twice a day they surge
Strategic border strongholds, wind and clouds darken the lands.

Twice the chrysanthemums have opened, daily teardrops
Solitary boat and my heart tied up, cannot go home.
Soon winter clothes will need to be cut and sewn
City of Baidi urgently works on until sunset.



Mt. Wu: Located along the Changjiang River near the Wu Gorges.

Baidi city: Ancient temple complex on the northern shore of the Changjiang within the current city and state of Chongqing.  After the damming of the river, it is located on an island.

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