Du Fu: From the Capital Go to Fengxian, Express Sentiments in This Five Hundred Word Poem: (Part 2)

From the Capital Go to Fengxian, Express Sentiments in This Five Hundred Word Poem:  (Part 2)

Part 2:
岁 暮 百 草 零
疾 风 高 岗 裂。
天 衢 阴 峥 嵘
客 子 中 夜 发。
霜 严 衣 带 断
指 直 不 能 结。
凌 晨 过 骊 山
御 榻 在 嵽 嵲。
蚩 尤 塞 寒 空
蹴 踏 崖 谷 滑。
瑶 池 气 郁 律
羽 林 相 摩 戛。
君 臣 留 欢 娱
乐 动 殷 胶 葛。
赐 浴 皆 长 缨
与 宴 非 短 褐。
彤 庭 所 分 帛
本 自 寒 女 出。
鞭 垯 其 夫 家
聚 敛 贡 城 阙。
圣 人 筐 篚 恩
实 欲 邦 国 活。
臣 如 忽 至 理
君 岂 弃 此 物?
多 士 盈 朝 廷
仁 者 宜 战 慄!
况 闻 内 金 盘
尽 在 卫 霍 室。
中 常 有 神 仙
烟 雾 蒙 玉 质。
客 貂 鼠 裘
悲 管 逐 清 瑟。
劝 客 驼 蹄 羹
霜 橙 压 香 橘。
朱 门 酒 肉 臭
路 有 冻 死 骨。
荣 枯 咫 尺 异
惆 怅 难 再 述。


Zi Jing Fu Feng Xian Xian Yong Huai Wu Bai Zi

Sui mu bai cao ling
Ji feng gao gang lie
Tian qu yin zheng rong
Ke zi zhong ye fa.

Shuang yan yi dai duan
Zhi zhi bu neng jie
Ling chen guo li shan
Yu ta zai die nie.
Chi you sai han kong
Cu ta ya gu hua.

Yao chi qi yu lu
Yu lin xiang mo jia.
Jun chen liu huan yu
Yue dong yin jiao ge
Ci yu jie chang ying
Yu yan fei duan he.

Tong ting suo fen bo
Ben zi han nu chu.
Bian da qi fu jia
Ju lian gong cheng que
Sheng ren kuang fei en
Shi yu bang guo huo.

Chen ru hu zhi li
Jun qi qi ci wu?
Duo shi ying zhao ting
Ren zhe yi zhan li !
Kuang wen nei jin pan
Jin zai wei huo shi.

Zhong chang you shen xian
Yan wu meng yu zhi.
Ke diao shu qiu
Bei guan zhu qing se.
Quan ke tuo ti geng
Shuang cheng ya xiang ju.

Zhu men jiu rou chou
Lu you dong si gu
Rong ku zhi chi yi
Chou chang nan zai shu.


(Du Fu now in Fengxian)

From the Capital Go to Fengxian, Express Sentiments in this Five Hundred Word Poem: Part 2

The year drawing to a close, one hundred grasses wither and fall
Strong winds, tall mountain mists break open.
Across the sky, shadows lofty and steep
Middle of the night, visitors and workers set out.
Heavy frost, clothes and belts snap
Straight fingers become useless.
Approaching morning, pass by Mt. Li
Emperor sleeps up in the lofty mountains.

Cold air fights and wrestles with the warm and rising spa thermals
Pathways slick along the valley cliffs.
Spa waters with strong smells
Palace guard halberds chatter and clank together.
Still some people remain at the spas, happily amusing themselves
Large musical ensemble and sounds continue to emanate.
Each and every one of the bathers have long tassels and ribbons
Those at the banquets not wearing clothes of coarse cloth.

Red front courtyards where embroidered silks are given away
Made from the hands of cold women, this material sewn.
Every family member works very hard
Gathered together, items of tribute given to those behind city walls beyond palace gate watchtowers.
From the emperor’s basket, small tokens of kindness
Large imperial gifts to the rich do not help the country.

Government officials cannot reveal all to the emperor
Don’t they always bring just the good news to him?
Many scholars gain for being at the dawn imperial audiences
The benevolent have to tremble thinking of maybe telling him the truth!
Stories circulate about gold plates inside the palace
Most people in the inner circle are all related to each other.
Palace centers often have the traces of the immortal spirits
Their mists and fog cover the emperor’s eyes.
Visitors wearing ermine and their fox fur coats
Melancholy wind instruments pursue advanced se music.

Visitors urged to try the camel foot soup
After being in frost, oranges and tangerines overwhelmingly fragrant.
Vermilion doors with rotten meat and wine
Along the highways are frozen and dying bones.
Just one foot difference between those who prosper,
and those who have withered.
The recurring narrative so difficult, such disappointment and sorrow!



Mt. Li: Located northeast of the capital city Chang’an, inside the province of Shaanxi.

Se music: Popular and ancient Chinese stringed musical instrument of 16 to 25 strings.

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