Du Fu: Happy Spring Evening Rains

Happy Spring Evening Rains

春 夜 喜 雨
好 雨 知 时 节
当 春 乃 发 生。
随 风 潜 入 夜
润 物 细 无 声。
野 径 云 俱 黑
江 船 火 独 明。
晓 看 红 湿 处
花 重 锦 官 城。


Chun Ye Xi Yu

Hao yu zhi shi jie
Dang chun nai fa sheng.
Sui feng qian ru ye
Run wu xi wu sheng.

Ye jing yun ju hei
Jiang chuan huo du ming.
Xiao zhe hong shi chu
Hua chong jin guan cheng.


Happy Spring Evening Rains

Punctual rain informs us of the season
Only when spring comes is it the genesis of risings and developments.
Following the wind, evening secretly comes in
To moisten things delicately and without a sound.

Open country footpaths, clouds adhere to the blackness
A single river boat lantern is bright.
Daybreak, see the bending red blossoms
Chengdu with layers of brocade-like flowers.



Chengdu: Provincial capital city of Sichuan Province and of the ancient kingdom of Shu.

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