Du Fu: Have Not Seen You

Have Not Seen You

不 见
不 见 李 生 久
佯 狂 真 可 哀。
世 人 皆 欲 杀
吾 意 独 怜 才。
敏 捷 诗 千 首
飘 零 酒 一 杯。
匡 山 读 书 处
头 白 好 归 来。
Bu Jian

Bu jian li sheng jiu
Yang kuang zhen ke ai.
Shi ren jie yu sha
Wu yi du lian cai.

Min jie shi qian shou
Piao ling jiu yi bei.
Kuang shan du shu chu
Tou bai hao gui lai.


Have Not Seen You

Have not seen Li Bai for a long time
Not really insane, such grief follows this act.
All the followers of the usurper will be executed
Know your plan was just to get out of jail.

Your prompt literary success could fill one thousand chapters
Wandering and drifting about, you drank only one cup of wine.
At Mt. Kuang hometown they still read aloud your books and letters
Imagine your head of hair all white.



Li Bai:  (701-762) Famous Tang Dynasty poet. His poetry and biographical information can also be found on this website.



Li Bai was imprisoned during the turbulent times following the invasion of An Lushan‘s army.

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