Du Fu: Send Off Kong Chaofu

Send Off Kong Chaofu, On Account of Illness Return Travel to Jiang Dong, Present This to Li Bai

送 孔 巢 父 谢 病 归 游 江 东 兼 呈 李 白
巢 父 掉 头 不 肯 住
东 将 入 海 随 烟 雾。
诗 卷 长 留 天 地 间
钓 竽 欲 拂 珊 瑚 树。
深 山 大 泽 龙 蛇 远
春 寒 野 阴 风 景 暮。
蓬 莱 织 女 回 云 车
指 点 虚 无 是 征 路。
自 是 君 身 有 仙 骨
世 人 那 得 知 其 故。
惜 君 只 欲 苦 死 留
富 贵 何 如 草 头 露。
蔡 侯 静 者 意 有 佘
清 夜 置 酒 临 前 除。
罢 琴 惆 怅 月 照 席
几 岁 寄 我 空 中 书?
南 寻 禹 穴 见 李 白
道 甫 问 讯 今 何 如。


Song Kong Chao Fu Xie Bing Gui You Jiang Dong Jian Cheng Li Bai

Chao fu diao tou bu ken zhu
Dong jiang ru hai sui yan wu.
Shi juan chang liu tian di jian
Diao yu yu fu shan hu shu.

Shen shan da ze long she yuan
Chun han ye yin feng jing mu.
Lao lai zhi nu hui yun che
Zhi dian xu wu shi zheng lu.

Zi shi jun shen you xian gu
Shi ren ne de zhi qi gu.
Xi jun zhi yu ku si liu
Fu gui he ru cao tou lu.

Cai hou jing zhe yi you she
Qing ye zhi jiu lin qian chu.
Ba qin chou chang yue zhao xi
Ji sui ji wo kong zhong shu?
Nan xun yu xue jian li bai
Dao fu wen xun jin he ru.

Send Off Kong Chaofu, On Account of Illness Return Travel to Jiang Dong, Present This to Li Bai

Chaofu turns around and quickly leaves to save his life
He will go east towards the ocean to follow the mists and fog.
His poetry scrolls long remain between heaven and earth
Hopes to find a fishing pole and forests of coral.

Deep and remote mountains with large dragons and snakes
Spring time open country cold, chilly winds at sunset.
Penglai weavers return on clouds in a carriage
On a long highway journey you will receive instructions on how to ascend into the spirit world .

Your body has the bones of immortals
People of society do not know your reasons for going.
They respect you so much, their single wish for you is to remain here and to suffer mortality
But wealth and nobility are like the disappearing dew on grass.

High official Cai uses his gold and secret garden to keep you
Set up a wine party, clear evening and then put things away.
Qin music done, sorrow and disappointment, moon shines on a bamboo mat
How many years until I can expect a return letter?
Look for Li Bai in the south at a magical place called Yu Xue
Ask him if he had his Daoist questions answered there.


Jiang Dong: Located near the city of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.

Chaofu:  Lived during the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. Known for his writing, The Five Talismans, of the Lingbao School of Daoism.

Penglai:  Mythological island of immortal gods and goddesses in the East China Sea.

Qin music:  The qin is an ancient stringed musical instrument played by many of the Chinese literati.

Li Bai:  Famous Tang Dynasty poet, and friend to Du Fu. Many of this poems are translated on this website, as well as some biographical information.

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