Du Fu: Sick Horse

Sick Horse

病 马
乘 尔 亦 已 久
天 寒 关 塞 深。
尘 中 老 尽 力
岁 晚 病 伤 心。
毛 骨 岂 殊 众?
驯 良 犹 至 今。
物 微 意 不 浅
感 动 一 沉 吟。
Bing Ma

Cheng er yi yi jiu
Tian han guan sai shen.
Chen zhong lao jin li
Sui wan bing shang xin.

Mao gu qi shu zhong?
Xun liang you zhi jin.
Wu wei yi bu qian
Gan dong yi chen yin.


Sick Horse

Already I have been riding you for a long time
Deep strategic border garrisons closed from the frozen skies.
Most of your old power spent in the dust and dirt
Late in the year, our heart-minds sick and full of wounds.

Are not your skin and bones like many others?
Up to now you have been tame and obedient.
Though your purpose may be very trivial, no money can pay what you are worth to me
One profound lament, write out this one feeling for you.



Another prime example of the compassion and true humanity of Du Fu.

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