Du Fu: Stone Bridge Pavilion

Stone Bridge Pavilion

石 柜 阁
李 冬 日 已 长
山 晚 半 天 赤。
蜀 道 多 早 花
江 间 饶 奇 石。
石 柜 曾 波 上
临 虚 荡 高 壁。
清 晖 回 群 鸥
瞑 色 带 远 客。
羁 栖 负 幽 意
感 叹 向 绝 迹。
信 甘 孱 懦 婴
不 独 冻 馁 迫。
优 游 谢 康 乐
放 浪 陶 彭 泽。
吾 衰 未 自 由
谢 尔 性 所 适。
Shi Gui Ge

Li dong ri yi chang
Shan wan ban tian chi.
Shu dao duo zao hua
Jiang jian rao qi shi.

Shi gui ceng bo shang
Lin xu dang gao bi.
Qing hui hui qun ou
Ming se dai yuan ke.

Ji qi fu you yi
Gan tan xiang jue ji.
Xin gan chan nuo ying
Bu du dong nei po.

You you xie kang le
Fang lang tao peng ze.
Wu shuai wei zi you
Xie er xing suo shi.


Stone Bridge Pavilion

Seasonal winter days already long
Mountain evening, half the sky a light red.
Sichuan highways have many late flowers
In between rivers are abundant and unusual rocks.

Stone bridge above layered waves
Tall cliffs overlook vast spaces.
Late clear sunshine, returning water birds
Far away visitor approaches twilight colors.

Pull up and stop, enjoy hidden traces and hints
Sense and feel close to the best scenery.
Too weak and cowardly to find the strength to stay
Not just the cold and hunger that compels me.

Some are able to enjoy and appreciate such joy and happiness
Unrestrained and independent like Tao Yuanming.
Although I am old, not yet free
My character and temperament not suited to this place and people.



Tao Yuanming: (365-427):  Famous poet of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. See this website for translated poems and biographical information.

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