Du Fu: Various Challenges:Two Poems: No. 2

Various Challenges: Poem Number Two

锦 江 春 色 逐 人 来
巫 峡 清 秋 万 壑 哀。
正 忆 往 时 严 仆 鯓
共 迎 中 使 望 乡 台。
主 恩 前 后 三 持 节
军 令 分 明 数 举 杯。
西 蜀 地 形 天 下 险
安 危 须 仗 出 群 材。



Jin jiang chun se zhu ren lai
Wu xia qing qiu wan he ai.
Zheng yi wang shi yan pu shen
Gong ying zhong shi wang xiang tai.

Zhu en qian hou san chi jie
Jun ling fen ming shu ju bei.
Xi shu di xing tian xia xian
An wei xu zhang chu qun cai.


Various Challenges:  Two Poems: No.2

One by one people arrive in Chengdu during spring colors
I am stuck in the Xia Gorge, clear autumn in thousands of canyons.
Recall in former times, the honest General Yan
We meet and share a common vision of our hometown towers.

Three times Yan was promoted to higher positions
Army victories celebrated with wine for all of the ranks.
Western Sichuan lands critical to protect the whole country
Our safety and peace must have groups of talented warriors.



Xia Gorge: Largest and most downriver of the Three Gorges on the Changjiang.

General Yan: (died 234) Lived during the Three Kingdoms period.

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