Du Fu: Visitors Arrive

Visitors Arrive

客 至
舍 南 舍 北 皆 春 水
但 见 群 鸥 日 日 来;
花 径 不 曾 缘 客 扫
蓬 门 今 始 为 君 开。
盘 飧 市 远 无 兼 味
樽 酒 家 贫 只 旧 醅;
肯 与 邻 翁 相 对 饮
隔 篱 呼 取 尽 余 杯。
Ke Zhi

She nan she bei jie chun shui
Dan jian qun ou ri ri lai;
Hua jing bu ceng yuan ke sao
Peng men jin shi wei jun kai.

Pan sun shi yuan wu jian wei
Zun jiu jia pin zhi jiu pei;
Ken yu lin weng xiang dui yin
Ge li hu qu jin yu bei.


Visitors Arrive

Houses south, houses north all have spring waters
Can see flocks of seagulls arrive every day.
Flower-covered footpaths finally swept because of the visitors
Today prepare my disheveled gate to open it up for them.

Remote living demands very local food sources without organized markets
Wine in the vessel is old, unfiltered and homemade.
Gave your consent for me to invite over an old man to share our wine
I yelled over the fence for him to join us in a cup.

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