Du Mu: Heng River Inn

Heng River Inn

题 横 江 馆
孙 家 兄 弟 晋 龙 骧
驰 骋 功 名 业 帝 王。
至 竟 江 山 谁 是 主
苔 矶 空 属 钓 鱼 郎。
Ti Heng Jiang Guan

Sun jia xiong di jin long xiang
Chi cheng gong ming ye di wang.                                                                                        Zhi jing jiang shan shei shi zhu
Tai ji kong shu diao yu lang.

Heng River Inn

Wu kingdom ancestors of three generations were like prancing dragons
Had the honor and rank to create a new nation.

Who now is the master throughout these rivers and mountains
Later generations empty, ministers fishing on moss covered rocks that protrude over the water.



Wu kingdom: (11th century-473 BC). It was located around the modern city of Suzhou and the province of Zhejiang.

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