Du Mu: Kai Yuan Temple in Xuanzhou

Kai Yuan Temple in Xuanzhou



题 宣 州 开 元 寺
南 朝 谢 眺 城
东 吴 最 深 处。
亡 国 去 如 鸿。
遗 寺 藏 烟 坞。
楼 飞 九 十 尺
廊 环 四 百 柱。
高 高 下 下 中
风 绕 松 桂 树。
青 苔 照 朱 阁
白 鸟 两 相 语。
溪 声 入 僧 梦
月 色 晖 粉 堵。
Ti Xuan Zhou Kai Yuan Si

Nan zhao xie tiao cheng
Dong wu zui shen chu.
Wang guo qu ru hong
Yi si zang yan wu.

Lou fei jiu shi chi
Lang huan si bai zhu.
Gao gao xia xia zhong
Feng rao song gui shu.

Qing tai zhao zhu ge
Bai niao liang xiang you.
Xi sheng ru seng meng
Yue se hui fen du.

Yue ying wu dan xi
Ping lan you jin gu.
Liu wo jiu yi zun
Qian shan kan chun yu.


Kai Yuan Temple in Xuanzhou

During the Eastern Jin Dynasty this city was founded
It is deep within the eastern lands of Wu.
Nations depart like a fleeing crane
This temple remains, Buddhist sutras inside the mists of hollow spaces.

The tower top is ninety feet above the ground
Surrounding veranda has four hundred pillars still in place.
Top very tall for some, but then also very low under the mountains
Winds swirl around pines and acanthus trees.

Green moss reflected on the vermilion pavilions
Two white birds talking to each other.
Small stream sounds enter the dreams of monks
Moon expresses it’s light upon the white powdered walls.

Scenery changes with daybreak light and sunsets
Lean on the balconies, have ancient and modern thoughts.
Remain here with my one wine vessel filled with wine
Watch the spring rain in front of the mountains.


Kai Yuan Temple: Buddhist temple in Xuanzhou, Fujian Province. Built around 685.

Xuanzhou: Long famous for producing fine rice paper. Located in Anhui Province.

Eastern Jin Dynasty: (317-420)

Lands of Wu: (11th century-473 BC). An ancient kingdom around the modern city of Suzhou.

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