Du Mu: Middle of Snow Thoughts

Middle of Snow Thoughts

雪 中 书 怀
腊 雪 一 尺 厚
云 冻 寒 顽 痴。
孤 城 大 泽 畔
人 疏 烟 火 微。
愤 悱 欲 谁 语
忧 愠 不 能 持。
天 子 号 仁 圣
任 贤 如 事 师。
凡 称 曰 治 具
小 大 无 不 施。
明 庭 开 广 敞
才 俊 爱 羁 维。
如 日 月 緪 升
若 鸾 凤 葳 蕤。
人 才 自 朽 下
弃 去 亦 其 宜。
北 虏 坏 亭 障
闻 屯 千 里 师。
牵 连 久 不 解
他 盗 恐 旁 窥。
臣 实 有 长 策
彼 可 徐 鞭 笞。
如 蒙 一 召 议
食 肉 寝 其 皮。
斯 乃 庙 堂 事
尔 微 非 尔 知。
向 来 躐 等 语
长 作 陷 身 机。
行 当 腊 欲 破
酒 齐 不 可 迟。
且 愁 春 侯 暖
翁 间 倾 一 卮。
Xue Zhong Shu Huai

La xue yi chi hou
Yun dong han wan chi.
Gu cheng da ze pan
Ren shu yan huo wei.

Fen fei yu shei yu
You yun bu neng chi.
Tian zi hao ren sheng
Ren xian ru shi shi.

Fan chen yue zhi ju
Xiao da wu bu shi.
Ming ting kai guang chang
Cai jun ai ji wei.

Ru ri yue geng sheng
Ruo luan feng wei rui.
Ren cai zi xiu xia
Qi qu yi qi yi.

Bei lu huai ting zhang
Wen tun qian li shi.
Qian lian jiu bu jie
Ta dao kong pang kui.

Chen shi you chang ce
Bi ke xu bian chi.
Ru meng yi zhao yi
Shi rou qin qi pi.

Si nai miao tang shi
Er wei fei er zhi.
Xiang lai lie deng yu
Chang zuo xian shen ji.

Xing dang la yu po
Jiu qi bu ke chi.
Qie chou chun hou nuan
Weng jian qing yi zhi.


Middle of Snow Thoughts

Twelfth lunar month, snow one foot thick
Clouds frozen, crazy and persistent cold.
Solitary city wall next to large wetlands
People not around, very few cooking fires with smoke.

Resentments with a loss for words
Sorrow and irritated beyond my control.
Youthful crown prince becomes a new emperor
Official posts for the able and virtuous.

Talk of all the matching of talent to positions
Large or small jobs all carried out.
Open, wide and spacious Ming courtyard
The handsome and talented gathered and cherished.

Like the sun and moon rising again
As husbands and wives are close and cuddled.
Myself, my human talents not good enough
It is appropriate for them to abandon me.

Evil northern enemies break down wall after wall
Heard about three hundred miles of fortifications.
For a long time assume they have not broken apart
Need to be careful of an extensive spy network.

This government official has a long imperial exam essay all composed
Our enemies would gradually fall under our flags.
If they ask for my opinions, I would be fortunate
We could eat their meat while they slept.

My plans never to be heard in the large palace rooms
Do not realize that I am just a speck next to them.
My words always overstep their bounds
Long time catch myself attempting to be a part of important affairs.

Almost time for the twelfth lunar month to expire
Making wine cannot be delayed any more.
For a long time anxiously await for the warm-up of spring
From large earthen jars, wine needs to be poured into the proper vessels.

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