Du Mu: Outside the City Gates in a Military Mountain Pass

Outside the City Gates in a Military Mountain Pass

题 武 关
碧 溪 留 我 武 关 东
一 笑 怀 王 迹 自 穷。
郑 袖 娇 娆 酣 似 醉
屈 原 樵 悴 去 如 蓬。
山 墙 谷 堑 依 然 在
弱 吐 强 吞 尽 已 空。
今 日 圣 神 家 四 海
戍 旗 长 卷 夕 阳 中。
Ti Wu Guan

Bi xi liu wo wu guan dong
Yi xiao huai wang ji zi qiong.
Zheng xiu jiao rao han si zui
Qu yuan qiao cui qu ru peng.

Shan qiang gu qian yi ran zai
Ruo tu qiang tun jin yi kong.
Jin ri sheng shen jia si hai
Shu qi chang juan xi yang zhong.

Outside the City Gates in a Military Mountain Pass

Growing bluish-green stream east of this settlement
With one smile, remember Huai Wang, the Chu king let this place slide into a used-up ruin.
His enchantingly beautiful queen distracted him through drunkenness
Qu Yuan was thrown away and disposed of like a tumbleweed.

The moats and mountain valleys remain as before
Over and over again the weak were removed by the strong.
Hopefully today, the whole country blessed with a sacred spirit
The sun setting upon our massive garrison banners and flags.



Huai Wang: King of the Chu nation (r. 328-299 BC)

Qu Yuan: (340-278): Famous poet and government minister. His grief over government corruption led him to commit suicide from drowning in a nearby river. The Chinese remember him by making and eating zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves) and by participating in the Dragon Boat Festival.

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