Du Mu: Send Off Du Kai Who Is On His Way to Runzhou

Send Off Du Kai Who Is On His Way to Runzhou

送 杜 顗 赴 润 州 幕
少 年 才 俊 赴 知 音
承 相 门 栏 不 觉 深。
直 道 事 人 男 子 业
异 乡 加 饭 弟 兄 心。
还 须 整 理 韦 弦 佩
莫 独 矜 夸 玳 瑁 簪。
若 去 上 元 杯 古 去
谢 安 坟 下 与 沉 吟。
Song Du Yi Fu Run Zhou Mu

Shao nian cai jun fu zhi yin
Cheng xiang men lan bu jue shen.
Zhi dao shi ren nan zi ye
Yi xiang jia fan di xiong xin.

Huan xu zheng li wei xian pei
Mo du jin kua dai mao zhan.
Ruo qu shang yuan bei gu qu
Xie an fen xia yu chen yin.


Send Off Du Kai Who Is On His Way to Runzhou

Talented and handsome, in his youth he followed the well-qualified
His sponsor an assistant officer, whose doorway and fence
not too deep or dangerous.
Man’s business is to serve someone
As a brother’s heart-mind, they work in strange lands to make a good living.

Again have to organize and wear your musical instruments
Alone at sunset, do not need to have inlaid abalone and jade top-knot pins.
If you go to Shang Yuan, visit their center of ancient knowledge
Go to the cemetery and grave of Xie An to deeply chant.



Runzhou: Currently one of the districts in Zhejiang Province.

Xie An: (320-385 AD)  A Jin Dynasty statesman that led the Jin through a crisis and confrontation with the Qin in 383 at the battle of Fei River.

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