Du Mu: Send Off Grand Master Wang

Send Off Grand Master Wang Feng

送 国 棋 王 逢
玉 子 纹 楸 一 路 饶
最 宜 檐 雨 竹 萧 萧。
蠃 形 暗 去 春 泉 长
拔 势 横 来 野 火 烧。
守 道 还 如 周 伏 柱
鏖 兵 不 羡 霍 嫖 姚。
得 年 七 十 更 万 日
与 子 期 于 局 上 销。
Song Guo Qi Wang Feng

Yu zi wen qiu yi lu rao
Zui yi yan yu zhu xiao xiao.
Luo xing an qu chun quan chang
Ba shi heng lai ye huo shao.

Shou dao huan ru zhou fu zhu
Ao bing bu xian huo piao yao.
De nian qi shi geng wan ri
Yu zi qi yu ju shang xiao.


Send Off Grand Master Wang Feng

Beautiful small hard pieces of jade, inlaid with patterned grain of catalpa wood, you always give opponents a handicap
Very appropriate to play you under the eaves during rain and the rustling winds through the bamboo.
Give your competitors an early impression that you are far from the springhead
After your original defense, your raging fire arrives to destroy everything from west to east.

Defend one’s integrity throughout each cycle of human activities
Engaged in fierce battles, you are not jealous of Huo Piaoyao.
At seventy years of age, wish you had another ten thousand days
With more youthful vigor, we could spend more time playing weiqi.



[Two close friend are playing weiqi, a Chinese board game very similar to the western game of chess.]

Huo Piaoyao:  Birth name was Huo Qubing (140-117 BC). One of the most highly decorated military generals in Chinese history. Early in his career he was captain of the Piaoyao against the northern nomads.

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