Du Mu: Writing About Huangzhou

Writing About Huangzhou

即 事 黄 州 作
因 思 上 党 三 年 战
闲 咏 周 公 七 月 诗。
竹 帛 未 闻 书 死 节
丹 青 空 见 画 灵 旗。
萧 条 井 邑 如 鱼 尾
早 晚 干 戈 识 虎 皮。
莫 笑 一 麾 东 下 计
满 江 秋 浪 碧 参 差。
Ji Shi Huang Zhou Zuo

Yin si shang dang san nian zhan
Xian yong zhou gong qi yue shi.
Zhu bo wei wen shu si jie
Dan qing kong jian hua ling qi.

Xiao tiao jing yi ru yu wei
Zao wan gan ge shi hu pi
Mo xiao yi hui dong xia ji
Man jiang qiu lang bi can cha.


Writing About Huangzhou

Thinking of the three years of war in Shangdang
Leisurely chant the “Zhou Gong Qi Yue” poem.
Reading these old books, not yet hear about our war casualties
Historical colors of red and black painted on our banners empty of power.

Desolate and bleak Jin City, deserted like fish tails
Early or late weapons of war, worn tiger skins no longer frighten.
No one smiles remembering the story of Yi Hui Dongxia
Full river autumn waves below, ramparts above.



Shangdang: Early name for the current province of Shaanxi.

Zhou Gong Qi Yue poem: A poem from the Book of Songs . Zhou Gong was a man from the Zhou Dynasty. The poem expresses how bad countries will sooner or later be destroyed.

Yi Hui Dongxia: Ancient story about an honorable and competent army general. Instead of being rewarded for his service to the country, he was sent into exile.

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