Yuan Zhen Poem: Elegy on My Deceased Wife (Ⅱ) – 元稹《六年春遣怀八首(其二)》








[1] 检:翻检。

[2] 并食:两天只吃一天的粮食。

Elegy on My Deceased Wife (Ⅱ)

Yuan Zhen

I find three or four sheets of your letters fine;

The words of your handwriting often go out of line.

You cared not for your hunger every other day,

If I was fed in deep mountains on my long way.

The poet remembers his wife who would suffer hunger every other day to provide for him on his way in the mountains.


The Eight Poems for the Spring of the Sixth Year is a set of seven lines composed by Yuan Zhen, a poet of the Tang Dynasty.
The poems were written by Yuan Zhen in the spring of the sixth year of Yuanhe (811) to mourn the death of his wife, Wei Cong. These eight poems are written in a twisted, sincere and painful manner.

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