Li Qi Poem: Farewell to Liu Yu – 李颀《送刘昱》

Farewell to Liu Yu

Li Qi

In the eighth moon the weed cold grows,

The autumn waves surge with white crest.

The mast shivers as north wind blows;

Why should my guest go to the west?

The rain no longer drizzles on hilltop;

Out of the door rises the evening tide.

At night along the beach my friend should stop.

Hear lonely wild goose cry by riverside!

This is a dreary picture of parting in autumn.












[1] 五两:指古代的候风器,用鸡毛五两系于高竿顶上而成。

[2] 浔阳:九江,在镇江的西南方。

[3] 鸬鹚山:当在镇江一带,其地已不可考。

[4] 金陵:今南京。


The poem “Farewell to Liu Yu” is an ancient poem written by Li Chip, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem consists of eight lines, which can be divided into two parts. The first four stanzas are the first part of the poem, which starts with writing a scene and expresses the parting emotions; the second four stanzas are the second part of the poem, which sends a message of deep love and friendship in the envisioned scene. This poem uses the cold reeds in the wind to lightly point out the parting emotions, and the white waves of the autumn river to express the boldness, depicting the stern and majestic scene of separation and the parting atmosphere.

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