Liu Zao Poem: Farther North – 刘皂《旅次朔方》








[1] 旅次:指寄居在外。次,临时住宿。

[2] 朔方:地名。指灵州,即今甘肃灵武附近,这里泛指北方。

[3] 客:指在外地浪游的人。

[4] 舍:居住。

[5] 并州:古地名。在唐代又称太原府,其辖地在今山西中部一带。

[6] 十霜:十年。因为每年秋冬季节都要下霜,所以用“霜”来代“年”。

[7] 咸阳:地名,诗人的家乡所在地。

[8] 无端:没有什么原因。

[9] 又:再。

[10] 桑乾水:河名,今名桑乾河。即今永定河的上游,发源于今山西北部,流入今河北官厅水库。

Farther North

Liu Zao

Ten long, long winters in northern town I did stay;

My heart cried out for my southern home night and day.

Now as I cross the river, farther north I roam;

My heart cries out for northern town as for my home.

This quatrain describes well a roamer’s psychology.


The poem “Farther North” is a poem by Jia Dao (or Liu Soap), a poet of the Tang Dynasty. This poem is about the poet’s feelings when he left his hometown and lived in Bingzhou for a long time, and then crossed the Sanggan River in the north, expressing the author’s longing for his hometown and his despondent feelings about his fate. The poem is simple in language and sincere in emotion, without using any rendering brush to deliberately describe, but in the way of confession, with a strong artistic impact.

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