Li Shangyin Poem: For Han Wo, Poet Prodigy – 李商隐《韩冬郎即席为诗相送》








[1] 冬郎:晚唐诗人韩偓的乳名,其父韩瞻(字畏之)与李商隐同年进士登第,同是王茂元的女婿。“连宵侍坐徘徊久”是残句,原诗已佚。大中五年(851)李商隐离开长安赴东川幕府时,韩氏父子为之饯行,偓曾作诗相送,其诗有“连宵侍坐徘徊久”句。至大中十年,李回长安,因作二首绝句追答。

[2] 老成之风:指冬郎虽年少,但诗风老练成熟。

[3] “十岁”句:十岁,大中五年,韩偓十岁。裁诗,作诗。走马成,言其作诗文思敏捷,走马之间即可成章。

[4] 冷灰残烛:当是当时饯别时宴席上的情景。

[5] “桐花”句:凤凰非梧桐不栖。

[6] “雏凤”句:此戏谑韩瞻,并赞其子韩偓的诗才。

For Han Wo, Poet Prodigy (Ⅰ)

Li Shangyin

You wrote a verse with highest speed at ten years old;

We would not part though candle ashes turned cold.

The flowery mountain path extends for miles long;

The young surpass the old in singing phoenix’s song.

《For Han Wo, Poet Prodigy (Ⅰ)》是唐代诗人李商隐创作的七言绝句组诗作品。第一首诗盛赞韩偓少年才华出众,诗风清新老成,超过父辈。第二首诗将韩偓比作何逊,而把自己比作自认为才思低于何逊的沈约,对之倾倒备至,大加称赏。这组诗构思梢巧,结构上层层递进,萦回曲折,充满着动感与美感,融诗情画意与哲理思辩于一炉。

The poem “Han Donglang sends off a poet with a poem on the spot” is a poem written by Li Shangyin, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The first poem praises Han constrained as a young man with outstanding talent and a fresh and sophisticated poetic style that surpasses that of his father. The second poem compares Han constrained to He Xun, and compares himself to Shen Yao, who considered himself to be less talented than He Xun. This group of poems is cleverly conceived and structured with layers of progression and twists and turns, full of motion and beauty, blending poetry and painting with philosophical reflection.

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