Li Bai: Climb Mt. Emei

Climb Mt. Emei

登 峨 眉 山
蜀 国 多 仙 山
峨 眉 邈 难 匹。
周 流 试 登 览
绝 怪 安 可 悉?
青 冥 倚 天 开
彩 错 疑 画 出。
泠 然 紫 霞 赏
果 得 锦 囊 术。
云 间 吟 琼 箫
石 上 弄 宝 瑟。
平 生 有 微 尚
欢 笑 自 此 华。
烟 容 如 在 眼
尘 累 忽 相 失。
倘 逢 骑 羊 子
携 手 凌 白 日。


Deng E Mei Shan

Shu guo duo xian shan
E mei miao nan pi.
Zhou liu shi deng lan
Jue guai an ke xi?

Qing ming yi tian kai
Cai cuo yi hua chu.
Ling ran zi xia shang
Guo dei jin nang shu.

Yun jian yin qiong xiao
Shi shang nong bao se.
Ping sheng you wei shang
Huan xiao zi ci hua.

Yan rong ru zai yan
Chen lei hu xiang shi.
Tang feng qi yang zi
Xie shou ling bai ri.


Climb Mt. Emei

Sichuan has many immortal mountains
Compared to Emei, others unlikely to equal.
Ascend in circles, climb up for the view
Unique and strange, how can one take it all in?

Dark and profound it leans against the open sky
Patches of color at each elevation, a new painting emerges at each turn.
Enjoy a clear and cool purple evening glow
Results given like those from immortality pills.

Clouds separate, jade flute chants a song
Upon the rocks play a treasured se.
All one’s life have a yen for the immortal spirits
Joyous laughter, have achieved my goal.

Mists support me
Piled up worldly concerns can be neglected.
If I meet these immortals
Take me by the hand, so we can draw close to the sun.



Mt. Emei: Located in Sichuan Province and is considered one of the Four Buddhist Sacred Mountains. Peak elevation is 10,167 feet, and has been designated a UNESCO site.

Se: A 16 or 25 stringed musical instrument, kind of like a zither.

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