Li Bai: Dark Evening Crows Caw

Dark Evening Crows Caw

乌 夜 啼
黄 云 城 边 乌 欲 栖
归 飞 哑 哑 枝 上 啼。
机 中 织 锦 秦 川 女
碧 沙 如 烟 隔 窗 语。
停 梭 怅 然 忆 远 人
独 宿 孤 房 泪 如 雨。
Wu Ye Ti

Huang yun cheng bian wu yu qi
Gui fei ya ya zhi shang ti.
Ji zhong zhi jin qin chuan nu
Bi sha ru yan ge chuang yu.
Ting suo chang ran yi yuan ren
Du su gu fang lei ru yu.


Dark Evening Crows Caw

Yellow clouds, crows perched along the city walls
Caw to each other flying back to their branches.
Think of the Qin River lady who weaved her brocade
Bluish-green gauze like a mist partition between pictures and words.
Stops her loom, disappointed her man so far away
Throughout the night, alone in the house, tears fall like rain.



Qin River:  Tributary to the Yellow River in southeastern Shanxi Province.

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