Li Bai: Early Autumn in Shanxi

Early Autumn in Shanxi

太 原 早 秋
岁 落 众 芳 歇
时 当 大 火 流。
霜 威 出 塞 早
云 色 渡 河 秋。
梦 绕 边 城 月
心 飞 故 国 秋。
思 归 若 汾 水
无 日 不 悠 悠。
Tai Yuan Zao Qiu

Sui man zhong fang xie
Shi dang da huo liu.
Shuang wei qu sai zao
Yun se du he qiu.

Meng rao bian cheng yue
Xin fei gu guo qiu.
Si gui ruo fen shui
Wu ri bu you you.


Early Autumn in Shanxi

End of the year, most flowers cease their fragrances
The season for meteor showers.
Frost shows its early strength towards the borders
Autumn clouds and colors go across the river.

Dreams come and go, revolve at the city’s edge
Heart-mind flew to the ancient government towers.
Thoughts return, going back like the Fen River
Everyday they move further south.



Fen River:  Located in the center of Shanxi Province, then becomes tributary to the Yellow River.

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