Li Bai: Gu Su Tower: Visiting Place of Historical Interest

Gu Su Tower: Visiting Places of Historical Interest

苏 台 览 古
旧 苑 荒 台 扬 柳 新
菱 歌 清 唱 不 胜 春。
只 今 惟 有 西 江 月
曾 照 吴 王 宫 里 人。
Su Tai Lan Gu

Jiu yuan huang tai yang liu xin
Ling ge qing chang bu sheng chun.                                                                                        Zhi jin wei you xi jiang yue
Ceng zhao wu wang gong li ren.


Gusu Tower: Visiting Places of Historical Interest

Old gardens around the tower large and uncultivated, budding poplar and willow trees
Without musical accompaniment, singers singing while picking water caltrop in late spring.

Now only have a Xi River moon
Same illumination for the people inside the Wu imperial palace.

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