Li Bai: Sent Into Exile to Yelang, Send As a Gift to Judge Xin

Sent Into Exile to Yelang, Send As a Gift to Judge Xin

流 液 郎 赠 辛 判 官
昔 在 长 安 醉 花 柳
五 侯 七 贵 同 杯 酒。
气 岸 遥 凌 豪 士 前
风 流 肯 落 他 人 后?
夫 子 红 颜 我 少 年
章 台 走 马 看 金 鞭。
文 章 献 纳 麒 麟 殿
歌 舞 淹 留 玳 瑁 筵。
与 君 自 谓 长 如 此
宁 知 草 动 风 尘 起!
函 谷 忽 惊 胡 马 来
秦 宫 桃 李 向 明 开。
我 愁 远 谪 夜 郎 去
何 日 金 鸡 放 赦 回?


Liu Ye Lang Zeng Xin Pan Guan

Xi zai chang an zui hua liu
Wu hou qi gui tong bei jiu.
Qi an yao ling hao shi qian
Feng liu ken luo ta ren hou?

Fu zi hong yan wo shao nian
Zhang tai zou ma kan jin bian.
Wen zhang xian na qi lin dian
Ge wu yan liu dai mao yan.

Yu jun zi wei chang ru ci
Ning zhi cao dong feng chen qi !
Han gu hu jing hu ma lai
Qin gong tao li xiang ming kai.
Wo chou yuan zhe ye lang qu
He ri jin ji fang she hui?


Sent Into Exile to Yelang, Send As a Gift to Judge Xin

In the past, drunk in Chang’an amid the blossoms and ladies
Fifth and seventh level officials share cups of wine.
Ostentatious atmosphere, the rich and powerful look down on the rest
Followers of fashion, other people set the standard.

Older scholars and red-lipped ladies hung with me in my younger years on imperial memorial terraces
Walk my horse to let others see my golden whip.
Regular contributor of verse at the Unicorn Palace
Songs and dancers remain at the hand-carved dinner tables.

We tell ourselves we can be this way forever
Did not realize that grasses can soon be turned to wind and rising dust!
We thought the Hangu gate was safe, but the nomadic horses suddenly arrived at the palace, peach and plum blossoms should open and bud with the light.
My anxiety as I have been sent into exile to the distant Yelang
When will the golden chicken be raised as a sign of an imperial amnesty?



Yelang: An area of ethnic minorities in Guizhou Province.

Unicorn Palace: Inside the capital city of Chang’an.

Hangu Gate: On the outer wall of Chang’an.

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