Li Qingzhao: Upon the Lake the Wind Arrives

Upon the Lake the Wind Arrives: (Resent Imperial Descendants)

怨 王 孙
湖 上 风 来 波 浩 渺
秋 已 暮,红 稀 香 少。
水 光 山 色 与 人 亲
说 不 尽,无 穷 好。
莲 子 已 成 荷 叶 老
清 露 洗,苹 花 汀 草。
眠 沙 鸥 鹭 不 回 头
似 也 恨,人 归 早。
Yuan Wang Sun

Hu shang feng lai bo hao miao
Qiu yi mu, hong xi xiang shao.
Shui guang shan se yu ren qin
Shuo bu jin, wu qiong hao.

Lian zi yi cheng he ye lao
Qing lu xi, ping hua ting cao.
Mian sha ou lu bu hui tou
Si ye hen, ren gui zao.


Upon the Lake the Wind Arrives: (Resent Imperial Descendants)

Upon the lake the wind arrives, waves move into the vast distance
Already late autumn, red colors rare, few fragrances left.
Water bright, mountain colors give people a family feeling
Very little talk, fine scenery without end.

For a long time lotus leaves here, already producing buds
Clear dew cleans apple blossoms and riverbank grasses.
Egrets sleeping in the sand do not turn their heads
They also resent the people who have to return home early.



[Probably written before she was married.]

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