Li Qingzhao: Written About Bayong Tower

Written About Bayong Tower

题 八 咏 楼
千 古 风 流 八 咏 楼
江 山 留 与 后 人 愁。                                                                                             水 通 南 国 三 千 里
气 压 江 城 士 四 州。
Ti Ba Yong Lou

Qian gu feng liu ba yong lou
Jiang shan liu yu hou ren chou.                                                                                                Shui tong nan guo san qian li
Qi ya jiang cheng shi si zhou.


Written About Bayong Tower

Thousands of ancient customs propagated around Bayong Tower
Rivers and mountains remain, we failed to protect this legacy for the
later generations.                                                                                                                    For one thousand miles this river flows to the southern regions
Pressure from the northern invaders on our cities and rivers, fourteen
prefectures already lost.

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