Li Yu: The “Golden Tower” Book

The “Golden Tower” Book

题 “金 楼 子”
牙 签 万 轴 里 红 绡
王 粲 书 同 付 火 烧。
不 是 祖 龙 留 面 目
遗 篇 那 得 到 今 朝。
Ti “Jin Lou Zi”

Ya qian wan zhou li hong xiao
Wang can shu tong fu huo shao.
Bu shi zu long liu mian mu
Yi pian na de dao jin zhao.


The “Golden Tower” Book

White ivory and red silk bookmarks placed into the thousands of calligraphy scrolls
King Can put torches to these books and scrolls.                                                    The ancestral dragon also burned books, did not save him from his fate
His death stopped the burning, gave us today’s dawn.



Golden Tower: A collection of 14,000 scrolls that existed during the Three Kingdoms period (177-217 AD).

King Can (508-554 AD): First king of the Liang nation.

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