Lu Yu: Evening Drop Anchor Near a River Village

Evening Drop Anchor Near a River Village

夜 泊 水 村
腰 间 羽 箭 久 凋 零、
太 息 燕 然 未 勒 铭。
老 子 犹 堪 绝 大 漠
诸 君 何 至 泣 新 亭?
一 身 报 国 有 万 死
双 鬓 向 人 无 再 青。
记 取 江 湖 泊 船 处
卧 闻 新 雁 落 寒 江。
Ye Bo Shui Cun

Yao jian yu jian jiu diao ling
Tai xi yan ran wei le ming.
Lao zi you kan jue da mo
Zhu jun he zhi qi xin ting?

Yi shen bao guo you wan si
Shuang bin xiang ren wu zai qing.
Ji qu jiang hu bo chuan chu
Wo wen xin yan luo han jiang.


Evening Drop Anchor Near a River Village

Carrying a quiver of arrows where their feathers have fallen and scattered
Heave a deep sigh, Mt. Yanran has yet to be engraved.
But this wise old man used up without crossing the wide desert
Who do the palace people cry for inside their new pavilions?

All my life wanted to die thousands of deaths to repay my country
White temple hair and my age cannot be reversed into something black.
Now here I dwell in an anchored boat among the rivers and lakes
Lying down, hear the newly arrived wild geese over the cold rivers.



Mt. Yanran: This line refers to a man during the Han Dynasty who got to engrave his name on a famous mountain.

Crossing the wide desert: This line refers to a famous general during the Han Dynasty who attacked the northern nomads with success.

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