Lu Yu: Heave a Deep Sigh

Heave a Deep Sigh

太 息
太 息 重 太 息
吾 行 无 终 极。
冰 霜 迫 残 岁
鸟 兽 号 落 日。
秋 砧 满 孤 村
枯 叶 拥 破 驿。
白 头 乡 万 里
堕 此 虎 豹 宅。
道 边 新 食 人
高 血 染 草 棘。
平 生 铁 石 心
忘 家 思 报 国。
即 今 冒 九 死
家 国 两 无 益。
中 原 久 丧 乱
志 士 泪 横 臆。
切 勿 轻 书 生
上 马 能 击 贼!


Tai Xi

Tai xi chong tai xi
Wu xing wu zhong ji.
Bing shuang po can sui
Niao shou hao luo ri.

Qiu zhen man gu cun
Ku ye yong po yi.
Bai tou xiang wan li
Duo ci hu bao zhai.

Dao bian xin shi ren
Gao xie ran cao ji.
Ping sheng tie shi xin
Wang jia si bao guo.

Ji jin mao jiu si
Jia guo liang wu yi.
Zhong yuan jiu sang luan
Zhi shi lei heng yi.
Qie wu qing shu sheng
Shang ma neng ji zei.


Heave a Deep Sigh

Heave a deep sigh, again heave a deep sigh
My life travels without any conclusions.
Ice and frost near the end of the year
Setting sun birds and beasts cry out loud.

Autumn laundry blocks everywhere in this solitary village
Withered leaves embrace the run -down post station.
White haired, my hometown a thousand of miles away
Down and out where dangerous animals dwell.

The human corpses along the roadsides feed the hungry animals
Guts and blood stain the grasses and thorn bushes.
All my life, my heart-mind unraveled like rocks and steel
Dedicated to serve my country without thinking of my family.

Until today I have had many risks and many lives
Bothered family and country without my help and support.
For a long time the Central Plains with conflict and bloodshed
People of ideals and integrity shed tears across their chests.
Do not look down on those who have mastered the brush and ink
Upon a horse, I have the ability to attack the wicked and evil.



Upon a horse: Being a government official

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