Lu Yu: Huangzhou


黄 州
局 促 常 悲 类 楚 囚
迁 流 还 叹 学 齐 优。
江 声 不 尽 英 雄 恨
天 意 无 私 草 木 秋。
万 里 羁 愁 添 白 发
一 帆 寒 日 过 黄 州。
君 看 赤 壁 终 陈 迹
生 子 何 须 以 仲 谋!
Huang Zhou

Ju cu chang bei lei chu qiu
Qian liu huan tan xue qi you.
Jiang sheng bu jin ying xiong hen
Tian yi wu si cao mu qiu.

Wan li ji chou tian bai fa
Yi fan han ri guo huang zhou.
Jun kan chi bi zhong chen ji
Sheng zi he xu si zhong mou!



Constantly narrow and cramped, a sad type of prison suffering
Came back from being exiled, too bad with the same education as the entertainers.
River sounds not finished, regrets for not being a powerful hero
Heaven’s will not secret, grasses and trees autumnal.

Three thousand miles removed, melancholy increases the white hair
Cold weather in a one sail boat, passing by Huangzhou.
See the traces from the Red Cliff battle
Wonder why our maturing youth not growing up to be like Zhong Mou!



Red Cliff battle:  Major and famous battle during the winter of 208 AD along the southern banks of the Changjiang near the city of Wuhan. Conducted during the end of the Han Dynasty, and considered the largest naval in history.

Zhong Mou:  (229-252 AD) King of the nation state of Wu.
Lu was traveling in a small boat when he stopped for the night near the ancient battle site of Red Cliff. It was also near the famous site where Su Dongpo built a house and started the first orphanage in China.

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