Lu Yu: Long Traveling Song

Long Traveling Song

长 歌 行
人 生 不 作 安 期 生
醉 入 东 海 骑 长 鲸。
犹 当 出 作 李 西 平
手 枭 逆 贼 清 旧 京。
金 印 煌 煌 未 入 手
白 发 种 种 来 无 情。
成 都 古 寺 卧 秋 晚
落 日 偏 傍 僧 窗 明。
岂 其 马 上 破 贼 手
哦 诗 长 作 寒 螀 鸣?
兴 来 买 尽 市 桥 酒
大 车 磊 落 堆 长 瓶。
哀 丝 豪 竹 助 剧 饮
如 巨 野 受 黄 河 倾。
平 时 一 滴 不 入 口
意 气 顿 使 千 人 惊。
国 仇 未 报 壮 士 老
匣 中 宝 剑 夜 有 声。
何 当 凯 还 宴 将 士
三 更 雪 压 飞 狐 城。
Chang Ge Xing

Ren sheng bu zuo an qi sheng
Zui ru dong hai qi chang jing.
You dang chu zuo li xi ping
Shou xiao ni zei qing jiu jing.

Jin yin huang huang wei ru shou
Bai fa zhong zhong lai wu qing.
Cheng du gu si wo qiu wan
Luo ri pian bang seng chuang ming.

Qi qi ma shang po zei shou
E shi chang zuo han jiang ming?
Xing lai mai jin shi qiao jiu
Da che lei luo dui chang ping.

Ai si hao zhu zhu ju yin
Ru ju ye shou huang he qing.
Ping shi yi di bu ru kou
Yi qi dun shi qian ren jing.

Guo chou wei bao zhuang shi lao
Xia zhong bao jian ye you sheng.
He dang kai huan yan jiang shi
San geng xue ya fei hu cheng.


Long Traveling Song

All one’s life cannot write like An Qisheng
Drunk I enter the eastern sea riding a large whale.
Yet should start to compose like Li Xiping
Capital city of Chang’an hangs up the skulls of the evil doers.

My hand too old and weak to wield the very brilliant and golden seal stamp
Short white hair emerges without a care.
Autumn evening, lounge about the ancient temples
Setting sun slants near the monk’s open and bright windows.

If I could ride my horse against enemies with stealth
Instead, I softly chant poems like the chirping cicadas?
Start to arrive at the bridge side market to buy more wine
A large cart with wine jars stacked high and wide.

Bamboo flutes and silk strings playing sad melodies help to strengthen the wine
Like the Yellow River topping its banks inside Shandong Province.
Ordinarily I do not drink a single drop
But when I do, will and spirit opens up to startle a thousand people.

Our nation’s enemies have yet to respond to our heroic men of old
During the evenings my sword makes sounds from inside its treasured scabbard.
When can I join the triumphant banquets of generals and big shots
Midnight snow still falls upon the border city of Feishu.



[Written in September 1174 AD. The Song Dynasty was fighting the Jin nation at this time.]

An Qisheng: A man and legend who lived during the Qin Dynasty. He was a seller of medicines and cures. He met Emperor Qin Shiwang, and they talked for three days straight.

Li Xiping: Perhaps referring to poet Li He (c.790-c.817 AD ) famous for his supernatural and shamanistic themes.

Feishu: City located in Zhejiang Province.

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