Lu Yu: Mountain Pass Bright Moon: (Mt. Guan Melody)

Mountain Pass Bright Moon: (Mt. Guan Melody)

关 山 月
和 戎 诏 下 十 五 年
将 军 不 战 空 临 边。
朱 门 沉 沉 按 歌 舞
厩 马 肥 死 弓 断 弦。
戍 楼 刁 斗 催 落 月
三 十 从 军 今 白 发。
笛 里 谁 知 壮 士 心?
沙 头 空 照 征 人 骨。
中 原 干 戈 古 亦 闻
岂 有 逆 胡 传 子 孙?
遗 民 忍 死 望 恢 复
几 处 今 宵 垂 泪 痕!
Guan Shan Yue

He rong zhao xia shi wu nian
Jiang jun bu zhan kong lin bian.
Zhu men chen chen an ge wu
Jiu ma fei si gong duan xian.

Shu lou diao dou cui luo yue
San shi cong jun jin bai fa.
Di li shei zhi zhuang shi xin?
Sha tou kong zhao zheng ren gu.

Zhong yuan gan ge gu yi wen
Qi you ni hu chuan zi sun?
Yi min ren si wang hui fu
Ji chu jin xiao chui lei hen!


Mountain Pass Bright Moon: (Mt. Guan Melody)

For fifteen years we have, by imperial edict, laid down our weapons
Borders emptied of soldiers, army generals with no battle plans.
Very deep behind vermilion gates, daily songs and dancing
Stabled horses dead from inactivity, bow strings broken.

Garrison towers only hear the drums announcing the setting sun
At the age of thirty I went into the army, today my hair is white.
From inside, is the flute player aware of the hearts of strong scholars?
Solitary human bones with no one to honor them.

From ancient times our battle-axes have been used across the central plains
Have not the northern nomads gained grandchildren since then?
Our survivors in foreign lands have to endure death expecting the army’s return
How many are there today with tear stains flowing down at night!

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